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Play Framework tutorial with Scala


I have been working with Play! Java web framework for a Google App Engine project. Play! is a very good java

web framework making it comfortable and effective to create web applications in java, this framework was created

with the web developer in mind not the Java programming language. I also have been reading and [...]

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Batch resize image with ruby


I was asked to scale and reduce the size of few gigabytes of images, so i picked up my swiss army knife,

Ruby. This will be a quick post and Ruby code snippet i have used to automatically scale and resize those images.

The process is simple just get the images in the folder containing [...]

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Website content management systems made simple


A web site can be developed in two diferent ways, either static or dynamic. Static Websites On static websites

you will have to update, create, delete pages individually and manually. For instance if you have a web site with

10 pages and you want to change the footer information this had to be done ten [...]

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Web Design Prespective on Search Engine Optimization


I am a web designer and not an Search Engine Optimization expert but i know what i do when i do it.

My job is to design and develop websites which are SEO friendly and i mean this because without a well

developed website you Search Engine Optimization efforts will be much harder to accomplish. [...]

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To framework or not to framework


A question that i have been asking myself is, “To framework or not to framework?”. In another words should

i be using front end or back end frameworks, to carry out my projects. Has we all probably know the web development

has reached a new level, for the past five or so years we have [...]

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Why is corporate identity important


Corporate Identity basically is a posh term which refers to your business image. Now, your business image consist

mainly in “the message” that you transmit to your customers either in the form of business cards, brochures, websites,

etc… Just before I continue I would like to tell you why I am writing this post so [...]

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