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Web design


Website design encompasses the way content is delivered to end users of your website. The web presents certain limitations and conventions that must be adhered to in order to achieve successful results and be completely viewable through a web browser. Your web designer must be a multidisciplinary in order to excel at Information architecture, layout and usability and integrate them with branding, sales, and marketing to maximize user experience and website goals. Your website purpose is the essential driving factor in design and functionality.


Logo and Identity Design


Identity and logo design strive to capture the essence of your brand through a visual icon or mark. Your logo is not your brand, but should reflect the perceived emotion you would like our company to portray. Define your brand identity and your logo will follow. A graphic designer creates the foundation of a brand, only your audience can make your brand. Identity design is how your brand is applied through a variety of mediums using established guidelines to ensure a coherent and recognizable brand. Identity applications include corporate stationary design (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.), marketing collateral (brochures, website, sales sheets, flyers, presentations, etc.), packaging, signage, and any other visual representations of the business.


Brochure and Collateral Design


Brochure design still holds an important place in your marketing communication arsenal. Your marketing collateral must be impactful, easy to scan, encourage reading, offer value and motivate a response from your reader to convert them to prospects or customers.


Magazine and Catalog Design


Magazine design and catalog design fall under our multi-page document design category. Catalog design can provide information about your company, goods and services in an easy to digest format. Proper design and communication can help you to sell and market your products, reinforce your brand and differentiate you from your competition. Similar principles apply to magazine design, you are selling your brand, offering value and most likely using it to sell your advertisers products. Good design, layout and typography are essential.


Motion Graphics


Some call it eye candy, others call it digital compositing or animation. No matter what your definition is, Motion Graphics have revolutionized all electronic visual media. The slick, network-quality imagery that was once affordable only to the major players in advertising and marketing is now an affordable art form for virtually any company or business seeking to look as good, if not better than the big guys.